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First off lets start with my current projects in the garage and shameless advertising
 This is my fully custom build  MyChimaera I had rebuild and restored few cars but this it the far most extreme project I have ever undertaken. A fully custom car build from ground up. It only uses few random donor components for things like glass and power train with chassis and body being custom designed and hand build

  Datsun 240z  restoration and modification with custom tube roll bar and LS1 engine trans plant plus few other goodies thrown in

  Some body panels for Honda NSRx 250, unfortunately this is more on the back end as nothing really had happened for number of years. Still want to have this finished hopefully sooner then later

Now for some free stuff

 Recovering bricked WD MyCloud NAS, a process of either restoring a bricked unit or just upgrading a drive to larger capacity. Plenty of write ups and snip lets are on internet but this is my version of what I needed to do

Drive Imaging wizard, something I wrote for a project at was working on at one of my previous jobs. I had the file renamed to text so that it can be downloaded easily. In reality it is a .VBS script wrapped in HTML, and the HTA extension makes it executable. To make it run just remove the TXT extension.  It relies on ghost and imageX for some of the routines, however during the launch it gathers some interesting stats about the machine which could be of interest to some. To make it all legal, I'm not including any of the imaging dependant applications as they belong to their respective companies. I had this application embedded into CD boot disk, USB flash and spondle boot drive as well as PXE boot.

Disk partitioning script, part of imaging project I was working at. This is HTA application in other terms VBS in HTML wrapper. I added .txt extension to the file name so that you can download it and make sure that it does not infect and you can inspect for odd code in it. You will need to remove the .txt extension.  It shows drives visible to the system with all parameters. Its setup to format basic small partition and you also have option to make it custom sizes. Useful tool to identify whats in system as well


Matrix screen saver, Found this on the net so its not of my creations, so cudos to whoever wrote it. If you liked the move you will like this script. Rename the script by removing .txt so that it will change to .hta and lunch it

Night light dimmer
  Its basically a PWM modulated dimmer driving a ground switched FET transistor.  As there is a 7800 based voltage regulator the max input can not exceed 32v so in theory any power supply from 7 to 32 volts can be used.
Status: Finished code and PCB layout  
4 Channel ESP8266-12 switch w/ DHT sensor and LCD display
  Just like tons of other IoT relay switches you can find on internet. I had decided to add DHT and LM35 sensors for local and remote monitoring. Added to it is a 2x16 LCD display to show status of the device.
Status: Main part of the code is done, thinking of adding clock and WiFi Manager
Defrost light delay and temp with clock  controller for my Datsun 240Z
  Had the dutsun rebuild some time back and retrofited with LS1 and slightly modified. One thing I could not find is a working defrost switch for rear window. With added couple driving lights and the fact that they dont have any sort of delay for shut off decided to build a module that could do just that. While at it decided to add clock as the car does not have one at the moment and temperature sensor just because it can be done
Status:  Still in process of finalizing code  
Network / router ISP monitor  
  I have few devices at home that I occasionally like to access from work or when I'm on vacation and for as long as I remember those ISP modems never reboot properly or renew IP's when providers are doing any updates. Not as bad when I'm at work cause its only couple of hours but when it happens when I'm on vacation and like to take a look at camera or change my thermostat that really boils my blood.  Hence the monitor that checks remote site ie google  or other remote sites and if it can not reach it will reboot the modem. 
Status: Still in design stage checking individual sections as it needs to have HTTP server, ICMP component, timer to check on interval probably like every hour or 2 cause you dont want it pinging something 24x7. Add local temperature monitoring just in case temp gets too cool, SMTP or SMS notifier and of course sort of display. 
Grow Light  
  The short winter night and days are brutal on plants and flowers. This simple dark detector and LED driver will help help with some of those short days with very little of UV light by giving bit extra UV light from the LED



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